BMV Terminology

CAR TITLE= pink slip, certificate of title or proof of ownership

VIN=vehicle identification number

SPEED=guaranteed reduced wait time for processing 

ELT=Electronic Lien and Titling


ODO= odometer statement

ST108=tax form, proof of taxes paid


WHITE COPY=Barcoded title application, processed title,  titled vehicle,

PURPLE LETTER=correction title,  limited to fix holds or problems within 24hr

SOS=secretary of state 

MSO/COO=manufacturers title of origin 

OOS= out of state 

NMVTIS=National motor vehicle title information systems 

DOR =department of revenue 

CS= child support 

 STARS=system tracking and record support

FORTIS=a bmv system to lookup problems, holds or scanning issues





Mar. 24, 2017

Fraudulent title alerts

KANSAS TITLE warning if the trim is brown it's fake, please notify the BMV or your title service provider.