Good business sense

Mar. 24, 2017

Dealers when accepting these, make sure you check the history.  It's important not to be scammed or apart of fraud in the process. or is not enough. If there is a lien holder,  you need to ask what type of lien. If it's a DOR or CS, you will need the following phone numbers: marion County Child support 317-234-2768

Department of revenue 317-232-5977

A lot of times customers will not inform you and just assume it will be transferred automatically but that's not the case. These particular liens are done differently than the average lien holder. For more information please contact me through my get the information tab. 

Sep. 25, 2016

Did you  know that dealerships are forced to use 3rd party vendors to process their titles?

They also require more documents for those titles if they have a title clerk onsite to send to that vendor.  Dealers are limited to 5 transactions at a time at the license branch. If dealers wish to run a successful Title Department, all general/finance managers need to work together with their title clerks.  It makes things run smoother and avoids less problems. After all the Finance managers are the ones that do all the important documents so the titles may be processed. 

At some point the BMV wants all dealers to be able to do both title and registrations for its customers. But that's a ways away. 🙂

Aug. 28, 2016
  • If for some unknown reason you have not received your title from the dealership, auction or private owner within the 31 days time period.  These are the following steps you need to take to get it done:
  • write the dealer and request the title or a copy of the Barcoded title application . After that the dealer has an additional 10 days to provide the title.

  • You may be able to obtain your title from BMV Legal Help Desk depending on how much you paid for the vehicle , via court order. 

    • Other option
    • If you got your vehicle from the dealership, file a complaint with the BMV’s Dealer Division and the Indiana Attorney General’s Consumer Complaint Division.
Aug. 18, 2016

Don't buy what you don't need.  When it comes to your title documents they're free. Scam artists will charge you for these and often times they aren't current.  All the documents should be full page length  and the same color. 

If you have any questions on this particular matter please send me a message.  And I can get you the specific details. 

Jul. 1, 2016

Always use the most up-to-date forms when doing title work.  The state  reviews every document very closely.  Common mistakes are as follows : never sign power of attorney by power of attorney,                           it will come across as fraudulent.

                       fill out all forms completely, don't force your title service company to do it for you let                              alone the state.

                        Once a title is branded exempt, it has to remain exempt for the rest of vehicle life. 

Beware when you're receiving false documents from your customer. All drivers license, identification cards, proof of residence and insurance cards have to be current.